Why hair transplant in thailand ?Why DHT ?

Once you find that Hair Transplantation in thailand is your choice, finding the right physician is another step. At DHTclinic, we can make hair restoration look so natural and virtually undetectable to the untrained eyes. If you select a physician who possesses these all-important artistic skills, chances are nobody will ever know you had a hair restoration. As a team, DHT clinic work in the latest Hair Transplantation techniques with full-time practiced. Dr.Damkerng and his team comprised of 1 assistant doctors, 4 nurses and several assistants. Our hair transplant clinic in Bangkok has specialized only in hair restoration – providing natural results, utilizing proven surgical procedures and advanced artistic techniques. We have always focused on the artistry – developing soft, realistic hairlines that look and feel completely natural. Dr. Damkerng has over 19 years of hair transplant experience and performs ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation exclusively. He has the skill experience to perform large densely packed hair transplant mega-sessions exceeding 3000 grafts with excellent results when appropriate for the patient.Dr. Damkerngs skill and artistry is demonstrated by his hairline and crown patterns he creates for his patients. Dr. Damkerng is a firm believer that natural hairline design is critical to producing world class results. He uses single hairs exclusively to re-create a natural looking hairline and is a pioneer of the laser assisted hairline design technology. In addition to his artistic eye Dr. Damkerng uses lasers to assist in determining proper hairline placement on each patient. In our Hair transplant clinic in Bangkok, we customizes hair transplants for each patient. All follicular units are carefully trimmed under microscopes and placed into tiny recipient incisions as small as 0.7 mm to maximize hair growth yield. Using a combination of custom cut blades and needles he creates tiny incisions [lateral slit] to allow for a perfect fit of the grafts into the incisions. Dr. Damkerng can densely pack up to 50 FU/cm2 safely into the balding area with superior growth yielded using perpendicular (coronal/lateral) incisions also known as the lateral slit technique. He has earned an excellent reputation on our discussion forum based on very positive patient reviews and feedback from leading physicians such as Dr. Jerry Wong and Dr. Bill Parsley. Dr. Damkerng is an active member and previous board of governor of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and is a board certified of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

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