"Mr.R. from Netherlands"

Dear readers,

Im R… from the Netherlands and last year i experienced a big adventure!!
I did a hairtransplant at Stough Clinic, Bangkok!!!
I was not real bald but my hair got thinner.. In Europe and Holland I have seen commercials for hairtransplantation of
your own hair. But it looked to me to as a big operation for just a few hundreds of hairs..this never can work and that
for sooo much money!! So i thought it will stay always a dream to still have nice thick hair at 48 years and up.
When i was travelling in asia and was searching on internet i came to a site of Dr.Damkerng Pathomvanich.
On the website i was really surprised that hairtransplantation in Thailand is so professional and experienced. It is much
more advanced then in Europe!!

Well when you are travelling you don’t think of hairtransplantation, but i got in contact with the staff of Dr Damkerng
Pathomvanich and asked for more information. They were very friendly and opened and asked me to stop by to have a
consult with the doctor so he can see my head and count exact how many hairs (grafts) i needed to keep the baldness
away. The doctor and the special trained staff of nurses gave me a very nice welcome and i felt really comfortable to talk
and hear all the possibilities. During the consult i heard the two reasons that made me decide to make the big step in
taking a hairtransplantation in Bangkok in the Stough Clinic:

1) You need only one operation. In the Stough Clinic you can get i n one time all your hair back..
As much as you want and can effort
2) The medical Clinic of Dr.Damkerng Pathomvanich is very professional and good and.. most of all low cost!!

There was no pushing or trying to get me decide quickly. All went in a real professonal medical way! Also
the doctor and staff were very friendly and thoughtfull and make me feel like home.They kept in contact with me,
reply quickly, sent email and information and after operation the doctor saw me as much as nesessary for checking
and see if the hairs (grafts) are ok. The actually operation is ok! It wasn’t painfull for me. More like one long
“thai massage”!!!! Really.

In 4.3 hours i was in a nice sleepy condition, the nurses really massaged me while the doctor operates; takes out my donorhair from the back of my head and then after separating all the grafts, they put all my hair(1500) one by one on the
bald places of my head.

All happens in a nice atmosphere. The doctor and staff of nurses were very concerned about my well being and the grafts
(hairs) not even one donorhair was wasted!!!! I felt sometimes like a VIP.

The days after operation i could directly enjoy Bangkok again!! I only had to wear a head and have almost no pain,
because the doctor gave me good medication for quick healing. I did really sometimes forget to be careful not to bump
my head!!

And also important to me:..other people didnt see that i just had 1500 hairs transplanted from one site to another site of
my head! That gave me a more secure feeling.

And now… after more then one year.. i still enjoy every day the results of my “adventure” in Bangkok when i look in the
mirror, or on the pictures of me on this website..

See for yourself….Questions or more information?
You more than welcome to sent me email, i will reply.

Happy Hair,


Dht Clinic Chanel

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